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Its that time of year again!

June thru August are no doubt the busy times of year for painting! It is common for us to hear at estimates that homeowners have contacted many companies yet they either don’t show up for the estimate or they never get back to them with the bid.  Unfortunately, many local painting companies are small shops and they can’t provide the customer service and get the work done right at the same time.
At Titan, we have a full time estimator, full time project manager and 5+ painting crews.  It is our standard to send you a preestimate letter that explains what our estimate will entail, provide you a written estimate at the time of the estimate otherwise if your job is very detailed we will email you an estimate within 1-2 business days.  We follow up with a thank you card.  Just because it is the busy time, doesn’t mean that you home or project is any less important to us.  Working with a difficult or flaky contractor is never desired and NOT what you will experience with Titan Painting.   We live and work in Vancouver and Portland and know that you are our neighbors who we will see at the store and around town.  It is our goal to leave a positive lasting impression that we can be happy about but also that you are excited to show off and tell your friends about.

We are currently offering a 30% discount on new estimates.  Call today to schedule your bid today.  We  guarantee your 100% satisfaction and don’t ask for you to pay your balance until you have signed that you are 100% satisfied with the work.

Because so many painters are unreliable and the job will extend for days or weeks, we provide a Done On Time or You Don’t Pay A Dime Guarantee.  At the start of your painting project we will set a date that the job will be done by.  Weather, acts of God, or if you have delays are the only reasons we extend this deadline.  If we are not done with the project by the deadline, you again are not asked to pay your remaining balance!

Sounds pretty good don’t you think?  Give us a call today for a free estimate on interior, exterior painting, power washing repair work, or other projects.

Currently in the month of June we are power washing some very large buildings, doing some siding and window trim repair work prior to painting, lots of exterior repaints, several interior repaints, working a contractor on new construction interior and exterior painting, painting a triplex, finishing a large home on lake oswego, painting and preparing several other homes for sale, repainting a lead paint home, and power washing some driveways and cleaning some gutters.  This is all in June and we still have lots of availability to help more people like you this month.  Give us a call to see how we can help you!

30% off interior and exterior painting

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