Interior House Painting

We give your interior that extra something.

Adding color to the walls of the inside of your home allows you to customize each room so they are just right. The colors you choose can change the atmosphere from dull to cheery, drab to welcoming, bright to relaxing. A fresh coat of paint will have a huge impact on your home. The right colors will mold your home to be exactly as you wish. Color adds value, helps accent room, and warms up an entire house to feel like a home.

When you hire Titan Painting Vancouver you’ll get free consultation from an interior designer and a color coordinator. Have your home painted right… Leave the painting to the pros.

Picking the right color for your walls

Picking the right color for your interior walls can be a very difficult and even exhausting task. Titan Painting Vancouver offers free color consultations. We also provide paint samples, swatches. Our expert team can find the best colors for you based on your style, likes, mood of each room, and available lighting. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

Picking The Right Brand Of Paint For Your Interior Project

Titan Painting Vancouver offers a wide range of popular paint brands. Depending on your specific needs and budget we can find the right paint for you.

Non-Toxic Paints and Non-Voc Paints

At Titan Painting Vancouver we are advocates for Non-Toxic Paints. You may not realize but your indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air. According to the EPA Paints and finishes are amount the top 5 causes of polluting indoor air quality.

Paints and finishes release toxic emissions into the air for years after they are applied on your walls, not just when first applied. The toxins is a mixture of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Until recently these compounds were required in point, but now there are Low–VOC and Non-VOC paints. These newer paints are cost-effective, very long-lasting, yet they don’t contain the toxic chemicals that harm you and the environment.

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