Pressure (Power) Washing

Keep your siding, decks, walkways & more sparkly clean

To protect your home, your largest investment, be sure to maintain it. You wash and wax your car (depreciating asset), in order to protect and prolong its life. So, you should wash and maintain the exterior of your home (an appreciating asset). Annually power washing your home will significantly prolong the life of your home, protect it from insects, and keep it looking like new! Titan Painting offers Pressure Washing as a maintenance service to our customers for a discounted fee. We pressure wash your home, provide any needed caulking, any needed repairs, and touch up for all for a low annual fee.

Titan Painting will also pressure wash your walk and drive ways, fences, or whatever you need.

Additionally, we have cleaning solutions that clean your surfaces and prevent moss/mold/mildew from returning even in Clark County where we are constantly hit with wet weather where mold and mildew thrive.


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